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PI-020 Striker Hop Up Chamber Kit 97mm (For Umarex)

STRIKER HOP UP Chamber For VFC / Umarex
*Designed for Umarex Glock dedicated base.
*Outward use special paint ,the rose gold color.
*This Hop Up Chamber is made of 100% aluminum alloy CNC process and anodic treatmeant.
*Each stirker will install POSEIDON Inner Barrel and 50 degree Umarex dedicated Hop Up rubber.
*Professional assembly by technicians.
*Increase pressure plate to let pressure point averagely.
*Use a steel pin on the left side to extend life time.
*The adjustment was made up by the little spring,the little steel ball and special adjusting wheel.
*Apply for VFC / Umarex
*PI-020 STRIKER-KIT 97 (For G17)


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