PS Series

Air Cushion Barrel
Use patented technology to make the flow work fully functioning.
Two drives are used for BB’s position, generating airflow at the bottom that makes every round stable, accurate, farther.
The structure have been redesign to reduce the pulsation when BBs through the hop chamber packing.
We create extended contact distances with low joules and makes AEG, GBB, Sniper Rifle close to real firearms’ trajectory too!

Diameters: 6.03~6.04 mm

Let you be a “One shoot, one kill” !


Detail of Inner Barrel

  • PS-001 300 mm
  • PS-002 430 mm
  • PS-003 500 mm
  • PS-004 550 mm
  • PS-005 600 mm
  • PS-006 450 mm
  • PS-007 133 mm


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