Since it has launched in 2016, the Poseidon Precision Air Cushion Tube is applied aerodynamic patented design to promote the accuracy and trajectory distance of the airsoft gun!

It is also the best-selling product of Poseidon, and now it will be launched in the second quarter of 2020.

There will be more than 20 changes in the new second tube! Although there has no obvious change in the overall appearance after the modify. The shooting performance is still improved through the key points, and the inner t wall of the tube adopts new process technology, and the AEG barrel series also replace the previous special regulations by the universal specifications allow professional players to match the hop-up packing freely.

The shooting performance efficiency has increased about average of 28%.

Use patented technology to make the airflow work fully.

Two drives are used for BB’s position, drainage airflow at the bottom that makes every round stable, accurate, farther.

The structure has been remade to reduce the vibration of BBs through the hop chamber packing.

We create extended contact distances with low joules and make AEG, GBB, Sniper Rifle close to real firearms’ trajectory too!

Detail of Inner Barrel

  • PG-003 97 mm
  • PG-005 113 mm
  • PG-007 155 mm
  • PG-009 210 mm
  • PG-011 245 mm
  • PG-013 300 mm
  • PG-021 200 mm
  • PG-023 370 mm
  • PG-025 172mm
  • PG-028 129mm


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