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Over All / 全槍長度780mm/860mm (Six sections extended of crane stock) (6段伸縮海豹托)

Inner Barrel /內管長度: 345mm

Weight /全槍重量2363g

BBs Caliber / BB彈口徑5.95mm

MAG. Capacity / 彈匣容量180Rounds

Muzzle Speed / 槍口初速: About 120m/sec

Handguard / 魚骨長度: Aluminum 13.5 inches

Color / 顏色: BK黑/TAN沙

Full metal frame

➤Hades series standard -Second-generation trident electronic fire control system.

➤ It is equipped with Poseidon patented air-cushion inner barrel, having a high range at low initial velocity.

➤ Folding front and rear sight both are use metal.

➤The whole body appearance adopts the metal engraved design, increased texture and lightweight.

➤ Ambidextrous selector switch, no troubles to switch left and right.

➤Bilateral mag release

➤The decorative piece fixed function of the bolt can be released bilaterally

➤ Equipped with a quick spring release system.

➤ The vertical trigger makes the withhold more intuitive.

➤ Batwing style charging handle for faster control.

➤Metal trigger guard, compatible with general retrofit kits

➤ The grip is ergonomic and non-slip.

➤ Strengthen the second generation gearbox, no problem with subsequent updating.

➤ Comes with Dean connector and Tamiya adaptor for dual-use battery plugs.

➤ With one 180 rounds silent magazine.

Function introduction of Trident electronic fire control system:

➤Automatic detection of faults

➤Automatic protection

➤Shooting mode: 1~5 shooting options can be set.

➤Trigger sensitivity mode: three kinds of sensitivity can be adjusted.

➤Double trigger mode: will shoot when the trigger is buckled and released.

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