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After debuting in 2019 MOA,the lower of the P80 series is officially lauched,which is highly expected by many players!!!
JDG, which has the exclusive P80 global airsoft authorization, commissioned POSEIDON to design and manufacture the P80 series.

Grip adopts straight line design,and the surface is made by special embossing technology.
Not only having good anti-slip effect,the grip is also more solid.
The feeling is smooth just like holding Hi-capa,players will absolutely have more comfortable experience.
TM / WE system can easily install as long as you have DIY assembly ability.
Provide Gen 3 system players have different lower options to choose.

There are three colors:

PPW-P80Frame BK

PPW-P80Frame FDE

PPW-P80Frame CG.

For TM / WE Glock 17/18.


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