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New design of hop up kit – belongs to striker series!

Mading by aluminum alloy CNC precision machining and it makes BBs pressure more accurate.

The pressure positioning of the new Hop up rubber and precision barrel makes the position of stopping BBs more accurate.

Adjustable hop the accuracy of higher effective range more than 50m.

The new design BUFFER is made of all-aluminum alloy and is processed by CNC and Hardened Anode treatment surface.

The whole solid material can resist deformation, the surface treatment can resist wear, and the recoil feels like the real gun.

The Alpha1+ antifreeze nozzle is made of nylon and fiber.

Re-improve the darts, pistons and stopping position to make the trajectory more stable.

Anti-freeze ice pick, ice-breaker piston, powerful nozzle spring and Teflon double C design, the Poseidon antifreeze system is fully presented.

Adjustable design, the initial velocity can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the adjustment method is simplified. The initial velocity adjustment gap is nearly 60% (the valve is unlocked and locked).

Buster Sword (adjustable (replaceable) steel vertical trigger unit)

The upper section is made of medium carbon steel and made by CNC machining and heat treatment.

The adjustable trigger design can adjust the sensitivity according to personal habits.

Buster Sword is made by CNC machining and Anode treatment.

It designed vertically and can according to personal preference changing colors and shapes.

The grip is cut into a honeycomb pattern using Laser engraving to increase friction and grip.

The body is made of all-aluminum alloy CNC precision machining, and using the real gun grade CERAKOTE ceramic coating technology. The hollow design of the body and the world’s first trident shape make the whole body more lightweight, and can appreciate the bolt front and rear sliding in the gun.

M-LOK modeling handguard made by precision aluminum alloy CNC machining, using the real gun grade CERAKOTE ceramic coating technology, the middle section of the handguard thin design makes people holding more comfortable, the overall weight is lighter.

The handguard adapter is precision-machined with all-aluminum CNC, and the AEG and GBB guns can be shared.

Universal VFC magazine.

The stock is made of all-aluminum alloy CNC precision machining,and one button extending to position design,cutting down retractable time.

Can according to personal habits choose LAL series turning parts.


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