About Us


POSEIDON is a new business for extreme sports. Our team is build up by a lots of senior players. Every products must follow at least three times quality control which is spirit we persist and with innovation concept, high-quality made in Taiwan and patents around the world. We point to trajectory system and GBB’s gasification system. Trajectory system focus on increasing distance, stable and accuracy for low kinetic energy airsoft, GBB’s gasification system points to defeating hypothermia.

POSEIDON always promote brand mind〝Through the mountains, over the sea, fancy-free〞.Encourage everyone to seek the outdoor, to challenge yourself, to enjoy the environment! POSEIDON start with airsoft field, but we will cross other outdoor fields in future and create more and more products feature with simple and functions. Let everyone enjoy funny of hugging the nature by suitable, more safe and more differentiate products. Hope everyone face the new challenge, move your new journey forward. From leisure to stimulate, from forest to the river. Feel the eternal funny brought by POSEIDOND and outdoor.


B&W is a second line of POSEIDON!But it’s base on TM series to research and design.

We provide a new choice for costumer with POSEIDON’s trajectory and an affordable price, you can enjoy 50 to 60 meters distance like POSEIDON’s P17, P51 and P18! B&W means bold warrior in action.

From the very beginning, as an airsoft manufacturer, B&W provides BW17, BW9 satin lack and silver diction's. They will all be powered by Poseidon, including the air-cushion precision inner barrels and patented hop up bucking. With these technologies, even a greenhorn can shoot straight, far, and accurately


LAL is a sub-brand of POSEIDON following a clear design philosophy: to create the looking-fly airsoft kits base on real gun sizes. Uncompromisingly reducing the form down to the bare essentials. Overcoming the familiar, in order to discover the best choice and setting. LAL design team has a lots of reply and feedback with every types of shooters, so we create many types function kits for every airsofters to build up personal weapon. LAL’ exterior combine with POSEIDON system create the best choice for every shooters.